Chickroom Interior Design Studio offers a wide range of design, including interiors, renovations, lighting concept and consulting. Our work is to find the perfect merge between color, style and texture with functionality and order. Our process is highly collaborative, we begin by identifying your needs and how you want your home to be and function. We draw inspiration and create a unique concept.


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Our work




Interior Design

Your perfect home

Let us help you materialize your vision through an organized and fun process to deliver the home of your dreams.


Networking and recommendations

Need help with your project? We can guide you throughout your project or for specific tasks. We can recommend a wide range of trusted providers to help achieve what you want.


Full service solution

A simplified full-service solution for your renovation project, we are with you in every step.


Lighting to create the perfect ambience

Whether it is natural or artificial lighting, the intensity, color, design and performance of light is essential to create the right atmosphere.

House staging

Sell under your own terms

Let us accentuate the positive features of your home to make a quick and profitable sale.

Collaborative Team of Partners

Chickroom works together with other agencies to provide you with a full-service solution from building, financing, project management (Schwarz Zb) furniture restoration (Damaged) to organizing and accessorizing every corner of your home (Organisiert).


Ivette Rosales

Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Ivette was hugely influenced by the city’s modernity and its traditional colorful folklore. Ivette discovered her passion for design at a young age, her work is inspired by her surroundings and travels, as described by her “a visual explosion of colors and textures filled with the people’s personalities”. When she’s not in the studio, you’ll find her playing with her two beautiful children, having a home-made dinner with her husband or having a coffee with friends.

Martha Böhler

Martha was asked to join Chickroom in July 2021 and eagerly accepted the offer. Born and raised in Leicester, England and with a background in Marketing, she was ready to reignite her interest in interior design and furniture upcycling with her dear friend Ivette. She credits her upbringing in an urban and culturally diverse city to her approach to design. When Martha isn’t in the studio, she can be found spending time with her husband and two children, out and about with friends or crafting.


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We’d love to hear from you, let us know how we can assist you with the home of your dreams


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